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Ways to spice up Relationship

1. Play games and have fun

Try to get a break from your busy schedule. Sit down together and play games or do something that will make you laugh. You will have fun. Try playing strip poker. Share a joke with your loved one; have fun.

2. Add Variety

To break away from the monotonous life of work and sleep, try to introduce variety in small things; things which you do daily. Cook your lover a nice meal, or watch their favourite show together. Experiment with your x life. Try out new ways to pleasure her/him. This will spice up your relationship easily.

3. Communicate-Talk to him/her

The best way is to open up to your partner. Tell them the things you want to do or experience. Listen to what they have to say. Share the things which turn you on and reciprocate the feeling. Communication is very important in any relationship. Find out what your partner likes to do. Try and fulfill his/her fantasies.

4. Element of Surprise

Your partner will love surprises. Be creative. Send her a nice bouquet or chocolates. If he is your man, surprise him by dressing up in your best lingerie. The element of surprise always kills the monotonous nature of a relationship. You can even cook a nice meal or surprise her at work.

5. Book a last minute weekend trip

This will bring out the spontaneity in your relationship. Both of you can enjoy a serene and fun filled weekend together.

6. Update your photo album

You can make a scrapbook filled with photos of all the fun and memorable moments you guys shared together. Sit back with him and watch these photos. It is always pleasurable to re-visit good memories.
7. Be naughty

You can mail him/her a xy photo of yours. You can follow it up by a naughty message. Be open about your desires. Tell him/her your fantasies and that you are waiting for him/her to return.

8. Go on a date!

While this may seem so common and random, but take your time and think: when was the last time you had gone out on a date with him/her? Amidst the busy schedule, take her out to his/her favourite hang-out. Have a good time.

9. Make the right effort

Do not be lazy and laid back. When your partner wants you to be a part of any activity, do help him/her out willingly. Doing work together might lead to some romantic moments.

10. Celebrate your love

Often couples stop celebrating occasions when they have been together for a long time. Rekindle those moments. Surprise your partner; celebrate the fact that he/she is with you.