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Reasons why readers make Fantastic Lovers

  1. Readers are smarter and more intelligent. Reading makes people wise, and that’s a fact. They get higher GPA and have an overall knowledge of various topics. And making reading a lifetime habit is great for sharpening your mind and preventing Alzheimer disease.
  2. A reading man is responsive, imaginative, and creative in figuring out solutions to a problem. Book lovers do well in a sticky situation. They learned diverse world, people and views. Their creative thoughts can make life and conversation interesting. You can never know what will surprises you next second.
  3. They get better memory, and they will never forget your anniversary. Digesting what they’re reading, character, scene or plot can keep renewing and strengthening their brains. Therefore, they can remember daily routines better.
  4. They are less likely to be overstressed. Reading is a pleasant pastime, and they can hit the books if they need to find a way to vent the pressure. This also benefits their partners. Any trifle easily triggers a quarrel between a stressed couple.
  5. With an impressive vocabulary and storytelling ability, people who love reading make wonderful conversationist. Nothing is worse than an awkward conversation on a date. Comparing to people reading less, they have a border vocabulary and are better spoken. Therefore, it’s interesting to talk with them. They often think about life in a unique and deep way, which can rise your conversation to a higher and funnier level.
  6. They look more artistic and erudite. They are more likely to make arts, go to concert or museum. What do you think about such a date?
  7. They are more likely to get an ample salary and succeed in their careers. Lacking of reading and writing skills is the biggest shortcoming of new employee. Therefore, the readers have greater chance to get an offer. Moreover, they are more likely to take a management position, naturally get a higher salary.
  8. They are more obliged to fulfill their social responsibilities. Not only do they take votes in election, but also are more willing to do volunteer works. Being selfless makes one more glamorous, and volunteering together can get your relationship intimate and harmonious.
  9. They are understanding and empathetic. They empathize others and understand other’s idea, feeling and world view. Empathy is crucial to a relationship in reducing disputes and harmonizing this connection.
  10. They are passionate, vibrant, clever and complex. If you are with a reader, consider yourself lucky. With an incredible mind, imagination, wit and heart, they will challenge you quite unlike anyone else has before