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Ideas for Special Romantic Anniversary

A Nice Dinner
Since it is your anniversary, plan a special evening at a romantic restaurant. Some restaurants will honor special requests to accommodate the special day in your life. Candlelight, soft music and a dimly lit room are all little extras that are sure to be enjoyed while sharing a meal together.

Bubble Baths At Home
What can be more romantic than spicing the night up by sharing a nice hot and relaxing bubble bath together? Get out the candles and a bottle of the best bubbles and see how hot things can get!

Exchange Gifts
A gift on the anniversary symbolizes how much your significant other means to you. Choose a gift from the heart that will show your love just how much they are appreciated and how lucky you are to have them in your life. Don’t forget the card! A heartfelt card is a shoo-in for romance! Where It All Began If you are still in the area where you first met your spouse, make it a point to spend your anniversary recreating that special day when two hearts collided into one and head to the place that you met. Both will love the special significance of reliving those glorious memories.

Take Time Together
The most romance comes from simply being together on this very special day. Whether you are at home or out on the town include plenty of hugs, kisses and attention on the agenda. That is what will help make it memorable and so special. Romance is important any time during a relationship and celebrating the anniversary makes it even more important.