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Category Archives: Relationship

Tips to Bring Ex Back

(1) Try to influence your ex to come back with logic

You cannot argue with your ex to make him/her come back, but you can argue within yourself for the cause but it does not work out in reverse. Emotions do not bring results or attract your ex and you cannot force a person to like you or love you. Every person’s heart is not logical instead it is reactive, so you can speak with them and make them come back to you. It can bring you results rather than forcing the ex.

(2) Play the role of human doormat

You may not obviously understood the topic, most people beg with their ex to stay with them. But please avoid pleading with your ex as you’ll loss all the respect they had for you. Do not plead with them to have a relationship with you as they may start avoiding you.

(3) Gift your Ex

Do not forget to show your love towards your ex. Flowers and gifts are the best way to express your love towards them. Flowers are one of the best ways to express thank you on every occasion.

(4) Regular Communication

Communication acts as a tool to bring the relationship closer. If you are sure to get your ex back then you should communicate with your ex and discuss all the matters, but make sure you’re not discussing the past issues and problems that have occurred previously.

(5) Be short and simple

Once you ex approaches you after a break up, do not discuss each end every matter with him/her. Discuss only the important matters, try to send the calls and messages short and sweet and maintain a limit. Your ex will be more eager to learn about you during the break up period, try to be dry during the start up period which makes your ex to chase you again and again. It helps to bring your ex back with little efforts.

Ways to Find Perfect Love

Love isn’t something that you can just explain with words, but one thing is certain: everyone needs to love and feel loved in order to be happy. Finding and understanding true love can be hard, even for someone that has had many relationships. We are simply not educated on the subject and must find information through trial and error, which oftentimes inevitably leads to suffering and heartbreak.

In order to better understand love we need to look at relationships from an outside viewpoint. Ideally, every successful relationship should be a wild romantic affair of two people made for each other, but in reality most aren’t. Most relationships are successful because the people involved communicate with each other and work towards making themselves and their significant other happy. This means you and your partner need to have goals that both of you are working towards. Your life desires and expectations don’t have to be the exact same as your partner’s but it helps to share a set of values and goals. Communicating these values early on is important in establishing a healthy relationship. Dating shouldn’t be used as a last resort for finding love but as a screening process in search of a person that is right for you.

1. Love Yourself

It might seem like an overused concept, but loving yourself is the first step towards being loved and loving others. If you’re comfortable with who you are you will appear more confident and attractive to those around you. The reason why so many romantic affairs end up badly is because one of the partners is leaning emotionally on the other. The fear that they’re not good enough for their partner makes them appear needy and insecure which undermines the relationship. In order to maintain healthy relationships, both partners need to be able to stand on their own. They need to be confident in their own abilities and learn to support each other in everything they do.

2. Be Available

Dates and special occasions shouldn’t be the only places to meet someone. Don’t rely on weddings, birthdays or other special arrangements to meet new people. Be available every day. We interact with a lot of people on a daily basis but yet we somehow believe that we can only find love on special occasions. Take your time to get to know the people around you; your soul mate could be just around the corner. Talk to people at the gym or grocery store. You don’t have to ask them on a date while waiting at the check-out but you can make new friends which can later turn into lovers. Be open to new experiences, especially if they involve meeting people you don’t normally interact with.

3. Take the First Step

Finding someone interesting is not a daily occurrence. Don’t miss your chances when opportunity comes knocking. Society has artificial norms by which men and women interact. Don’t be afraid to take the first step in asking someone on a date. One of the things I have learned in recent years is that ‘it’s ok to ask a guy out on a date’. The anticipation of an answer can be a hard thing to cope with but it’s nowhere near as bad as the regret of not taking your chances. Remember that the answer is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. No may be a response and it it’s yes, it’s a bonus. People think that taking the first step somehow weakens their status when in fact it shows confidence and self-control. Confidence is always sexy and even if the answer is no, you gain the respect of being upfront about your intentions.

4. Let the Past be the Past

Sometimes, past relationships can create unresolved issues which, left unchecked, can undermine future relationships. In order to let go of the past and move on with your life, make sure you seek peace with your ex-partners. You can do this by apologizing or forgiving them and even keep them as your friends. This will allow you to let go and move on to meeting new people and create new relationships without the emotional anchor attached. Ex-partners can be great friends and advisors since you already have a shared past and things in common. However, once a partner becomes a friend you need to set the records straight between you and them and make sure they understand this.

5. Flow with the Go!

There is an inherent need in our society for people to stand out and be different just for the sake of being different. If you want to stand-out of a crowd in order to attract someone don’t do it by standing on the side when the people in the room are dancing. You need to be an integral part of society in order to meet new people and develop relationships. Leave your ego and fears at the door and accept that sometimes you have to be part of the crowd. Stand out by being confident in your abilities and not by creating an artificial persona that you can’t live up to. A Life Design Coach can help you to ‘step in front of your shadow’ and ‘turn up the volume on your life’! When you develop techniques and strategies from Life Design Coaching, you will ‘flow with the go’ effortlessly and this will become a natural part of who you are and were always meant to be.

Way to Finding Soulmate

From an early age we all believe that out there is a special person for us, our soulmate, the only person who will truly understand us and the one that we are meant to be with forever. Dreaming is easy and leaving things to fate is risky, so how do you go about finding this soulmate? Fate definitely needs a helping hand.

Before you go about finding your soulmate you really should find yourself. What qualities are important to you and what exactly are your morals and beliefs? How able are you to show affection and what do you expect to receive in return? Having done this you may want to put together a list of things that are important to you in this potential soulmate. These may be:

1. Being strongly attracted to each other physically.
2. Being strongly attracted to each others personalities.
3. Having the same interests.
4. Sharing common values and beliefs.
5. Major respect for one another.
6. Someone who makes you feel truly special and worthy.
7. Someone who puts in a great effort to show how much they care about you and the things that are important in your life.
8. Meeting on the same emotional levels.

You should never just stay in a relationship because you are scared to be alone. While you are tied up in this relationship you are not able to look for someone really suitable. Look at previous relationships and dates and use them to analyze what you are really looking for and what you really do not want in a partner. If you are looking for someone who is in touch with their feelings do not kid yourself that the hard-drinking sports fanatic who prefers nights out with their mates, to cosy nights in with you is going to change into that person you are looking for.

Do not waste time on people you know are not right from the offset, trust your instincts. Gently break it to him or her that you find them to be a very interesting and nice person, but you feel like going solo for a while and then move on.

Tracking down your soulmate will require patience, everything good takes time. If you have drawn up a list of traits for your potential soulmate remember it is unlikely that any one human will really fulfill all the requirements, but make sure they fit the majority. If making you laugh is not on that list then add it, as that has to be a prerequisite for any soulmate.

Way to Have a Colorful Valentine

The month of February is turning one of the most too expensive seasons of the year. It is next to Christmas when it comes to gift-giving. In point of fact, the gift ideas during Valentines Day are by far more too costly than any time of the year. The best possible gift ideas abound this season like fragrances, expensive jewelry and autos. Lovers desire nothing but the best for each other. But these are hard times, and nobody can deny it. The global economy is still going downwards. Whether you like it or not, you will be affected by it. What used to be within your budget is now super-pricey. But do n’t fret. There are a hundred ways to express joy the occasion with you still granting the best presents to your married person. One of which is to sell used Rolex watches.

While Rolex designer watches are instruments that bolster one’s self pride, they also function as a good source for monetary funds that you can utilize for particular occasions. The good thing about these special occasions, Valentines Day for instance, is that it is expected. You can prepare for it long before it comes. If you ‘re attempting to get within your budget presents, you can buy it without just spending too much, but if you ‘re thinking of paying the best to your loved one, you may have to sacrifice your Rolex watch. When you have finally settled to let it go, the best option is to sell Rolex online.

The monetary value, of course, depends on many factors, such as age, model and condition of the watch. If your Rolex does n’t have a bezel, or the ring that surrounds the watch dial, you lose approx $ 1,000. The materials utilized should also be taken into account. Two-tone is higher than stainless steel, but definitely lower than gold. Gold is the most expensive stuff that can be used to create a watch case. Its economic value, however, can still be increased by means of setting precious stones into its surface like emeralds, rubies and diamonds.

But even if your Rolex watch is average by any standard, you will get a huge sum of money if you deal it online. The amount will be enough to purchase your mate Swarovski jewellery, fragrance and mini tote set and monogrammed cosmetic pouch. Sometimes your husband or wife needs more than one gift to be happy and you do n’t want to compromise on that only because it’s crunch time. Remember your relationship with your better half is more important than anything else in this world. His or her nirvana is your ultimate goal.

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Ideas for Special Romantic Anniversary

A Nice Dinner
Since it is your anniversary, plan a special evening at a romantic restaurant. Some restaurants will honor special requests to accommodate the special day in your life. Candlelight, soft music and a dimly lit room are all little extras that are sure to be enjoyed while sharing a meal together.

Bubble Baths At Home
What can be more romantic than spicing the night up by sharing a nice hot and relaxing bubble bath together? Get out the candles and a bottle of the best bubbles and see how hot things can get!

Exchange Gifts
A gift on the anniversary symbolizes how much your significant other means to you. Choose a gift from the heart that will show your love just how much they are appreciated and how lucky you are to have them in your life. Don’t forget the card! A heartfelt card is a shoo-in for romance! Where It All Began If you are still in the area where you first met your spouse, make it a point to spend your anniversary recreating that special day when two hearts collided into one and head to the place that you met. Both will love the special significance of reliving those glorious memories.

Take Time Together
The most romance comes from simply being together on this very special day. Whether you are at home or out on the town include plenty of hugs, kisses and attention on the agenda. That is what will help make it memorable and so special. Romance is important any time during a relationship and celebrating the anniversary makes it even more important.

Tips to Help Find Love After Breakup

1. Don’t Be The Past You

Of course you don’t want to talk to your dates about your ex and all the things they did to hurt your heart, you probably know that already, but I’m talking about leaving the past in the past for yourself.

Your ex may have caused you to feel as though you are not a good kisser, talker, or even lover, and you may be holding those beliefs inside your head and becoming anxious over them. Try to remember that your past is just your past and you are not that person any longer. You can be a good kisser, talker, or lover now and you don’t have to tell yourself otherwise. And for the most part, anything your ex told you was out of spite or anger – it doesn’t mean that what they said was true.

2. Don’t Be Needy

If you want to find love again and you are starting to feel that it is a mission of yours, then you will start to come across as being needy, and that’s not good. That will push (scare) away any potential love interests and cause you to become even more needy when they run away. Stay cool. Stay relaxed. And let love find you!

3. Don’t Find Love in Your Ex if It’s Not There

Sometimes after a breakup you can start to miss your ex and remember the good times and traits your ex had. You may forget about all the bad times you had together and how your ex didn’t treat you well in your relationship. This happens all the time.

Let me save you the double heartache with your ex. You will end up back together. It will be good for a while. And then you WILL break up again. Millions of people do it everyday! It doesn’t work if the issues that were there before are still there, and if you haven’t fixed the issues then they WILL still be there.

As hard as it may be, find love with someone new. Someone who doesn’t have the issues your ex did. The chances of you finding love that will last are much higher.

4. Don’t Look For Someone Like Your Ex

If you are looking for someone who talked to you in that baby voice you liked or understood you when you ‘gave them a look’ then you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Your ex and you had a unique bond, one that you will probably not find with someone else. That’s why it was unique! They may have gotten you on a level that no one else can, but that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t get you on an even better level! Don’t expect certain things when you want to find love or you may be setting someone new up for failure.

5. Don’t Expect To Find Love

If you set yourself up with high expectations of finding love right now, because you want it, then you may get let down and start to get angry, hurt, or even depressed.

Love is something that is going to come when you are ready, not when you demand it. Expectations can often result in disappointment, and disappointment can result in giving up or heading back to your ex. Both of those situations would not be good.

Secrets of Finding Love for the Second Time

The one you loved the most is gone; left you with broken heart and damaged trust; whether it was tragic end or mutual understanding, it is inevitable to avoid the feelings of being lost and hopeless when you say goodbye to your first love. You are isolating yourself from others and ignoring the advice of friends and family but one day you will realize it is time to pick up yourself and welcome love for the second time in your life. The following suggestions will help you to achieve that:

1. Allow yourself time to heal

You cannot build a strong house on a scattered ground; give yourself some time to over come both emotional and physical damage from last relationship before moving on to a new one. Jumping into another relationship may sound like the best way to forget what happened but unbalanced mind can affect your decision to choose the right person.

2. Leave the past in the past

You might find it tempting to stock your ex on Facebook or Twitter to see if he/she has moved on but if you hang onto your past you may not treat your future one right and it is not fair to the person who wants to be with you. So try to resist the feeling and tell yourself that you and your past partner no longer share a life together and what he/she is up to is none of your business.

3. Don’t compare it with your first love

No two people are exactly the same but it is unavoidable that you will compare this new person in your life with the one you were used to be with for a long time. You might find some habits of him/her odd and unfamiliar; thinking, “Why he/she sleeps with no pillow? My ex never used to do that!” or “He/She doesn’t like to cook! My ex used to love cooking!”. Before making any judgment, celebrate the differences in people and remember variety is what makes life more interesting!

4. Learn from your old relationships

Think about the rights and wrongs of your past experience and try to avoid making the same mistake twice; this applies to how you chose your partner, how you two got together, how your relationship developed and carried on, and how it all ended. It will help you to spot any trouble in your new love in an early stage and to work on it.

5. Be ready to compromise

What we got used to always seems to be comfortable and older we get, harder it gets to change our life habits such as early bedtime and house tidiness etc. It will be same for your new partner as well; so talk about the things you find difficult in each other’s habits and find a point to compromise; but do not forget that not all fixed attitude such as excessive drinking, abusive language and lying is agreeable and if your judgment says “No” make sure you put it across!

Ways to spice up Relationship

1. Play games and have fun

Try to get a break from your busy schedule. Sit down together and play games or do something that will make you laugh. You will have fun. Try playing strip poker. Share a joke with your loved one; have fun.

2. Add Variety

To break away from the monotonous life of work and sleep, try to introduce variety in small things; things which you do daily. Cook your lover a nice meal, or watch their favourite show together. Experiment with your x life. Try out new ways to pleasure her/him. This will spice up your relationship easily.

3. Communicate-Talk to him/her

The best way is to open up to your partner. Tell them the things you want to do or experience. Listen to what they have to say. Share the things which turn you on and reciprocate the feeling. Communication is very important in any relationship. Find out what your partner likes to do. Try and fulfill his/her fantasies.

4. Element of Surprise

Your partner will love surprises. Be creative. Send her a nice bouquet or chocolates. If he is your man, surprise him by dressing up in your best lingerie. The element of surprise always kills the monotonous nature of a relationship. You can even cook a nice meal or surprise her at work.

5. Book a last minute weekend trip

This will bring out the spontaneity in your relationship. Both of you can enjoy a serene and fun filled weekend together.

6. Update your photo album

You can make a scrapbook filled with photos of all the fun and memorable moments you guys shared together. Sit back with him and watch these photos. It is always pleasurable to re-visit good memories.
7. Be naughty

You can mail him/her a xy photo of yours. You can follow it up by a naughty message. Be open about your desires. Tell him/her your fantasies and that you are waiting for him/her to return.

8. Go on a date!

While this may seem so common and random, but take your time and think: when was the last time you had gone out on a date with him/her? Amidst the busy schedule, take her out to his/her favourite hang-out. Have a good time.

9. Make the right effort

Do not be lazy and laid back. When your partner wants you to be a part of any activity, do help him/her out willingly. Doing work together might lead to some romantic moments.

10. Celebrate your love

Often couples stop celebrating occasions when they have been together for a long time. Rekindle those moments. Surprise your partner; celebrate the fact that he/she is with you.

Tips to Find True Love

Tips #1: Make a list of what you want and don’t want in a guy.

Be very specific. Start by listing five traits that your ideal guy must and mustn’t have. You have to be practical and completely honest about yourself. Skip superficial traits like eye or skin color. Think of traits that really matter. Contrary to what most people think, finding true love isn’t all about making compromises. Rather, it’s about searching for that one person that complements you best.

You may think you don’t know what type of guy your ideal man would be but you do know it. You just have to look deep inside yourself. Consider, for instance, something that you can’t give up. Are you a dedicated bibliophile? If so, the guy you love must understand and respect your love for books and would never attempt to take it away from you.

Tips #2: You must share the same goals for the future.

Finding true love is also about searching for that one guy who wants the same things that you do. It doesn’t have to be completely the same but both of you should at least share the same vision for the future. If you’re the career-oriented type and you don’t really see yourself having any kids then your future partner must not have any problems with this. It’s not enough that he understands your decision. Rather, he must appreciate your decision as well because he feels the same way regardless of the reason.

Tips #3: You must enjoy each other company’s even without the passion.

Simply put, finding true love is akin to finding your best friend for life. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people fail to understand how some couples see each other as best friends. It only means that they haven’t experienced the same thing, which consequently means they haven’t found their destined partners either.

Passion is a key ingredient in relationships, yes, but it can’t be something that would completely consume your time. There will be instances when passion is not the right answer and what then? Do you find yourself bored? Those who are really into each other have fun with each other no matter what they’re doing and even if they aren’t speaking. They’re simply happy because they’re together.

Tips #4: Both of you must be lucky to have each other.

Finding true love is also about never settling for second best. You shouldn’t stay with a guy because you feel incredibly lucky to have him and you’d be a fool to give him up. That means you feel unworthy of him and you shouldn’t feel like that.

Way to get a Girlfriend

Plenty of young men are unsure of how to get a girlfriend. For some people, even just thinking of approaching somebody they are attracted to gives them severe anxiety and stress. There are so many ways to go about looking for a girlfriend that it is does not have to be a painful affair. The key is for men to stay true to their own identities and to acknowledge that while skill is one aspect of finding a girlfriend, timing is also another major component.

The first step in learning how to get a girlfriend involves intensive preparation. Men must learn to feel comfortable alone without coming off as desperate. Women want to see that you are a fun and intelligent person on your own. A man who wants a girlfriend needs to know that confidence is sexy. Foster this self-esteem by keeping up your physical appearance. Pay attention to subtle factors, like scent and teeth.

Once a guy has his preparation under way, meeting women is next. Online dating is one easy way to start for men who have had no luck at school or through friends. Upon meeting a woman, make a point of complimenting something about her. Women admire a man who is confident, but also sweet. Becoming a strong conversationalist and socializing with energy are important.

Once a man feels that he knows a woman well enough to know whether he wants to date her, the next step is to ask her out on a date. Close the deal casually by asking something along the lines of, “We have a lot in common and I would really like to get to know you better. Do you want to get some coffee with me next Thursday evening?” If she says no, move on and start again with another woman. If she says yes, proceed to the next step.

In preparation for the date, men should pick an interesting spot that allows for conversation. Choosing a restaurant or coffee shop with lots of space to sit and talk is important. While it was once popular to take a date to the movies, it is actually a bad idea for trying to get to know somebody new. If the date goes well, simply repeat the process by asking her out again. After several dates, the conversation of exclusivity should happen. Making the decision to become exclusive should be mutual and it should feel natural.